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            1. WelcomeHefei Guan Long Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
              Guan Long marine valves
              Professional, Convenient and Safe
              Reasons for choosing us
              Close cooperation with several shipping companies
              01.Quality first
              • Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the technological management and continuous innovation of valves.
              • The enterprise has embarked on a virtuous circle of large-scale operation.
              02.Convenient and quick
              • Professional technicians can quickly answer all kinds of technical consultation to meet your needs.
              • To meet your needs and select the right products for you
              • Provide specific goods plan and quotation
              03.Reasonable price
              • Provide product installation, use, maintenance, troubleshooting and other services
              • We will continue to strive to provide you with the best quality products and services.
              04.Attentive service
              • The wholehearted service attitude is our business principle, and the service concept of high quality and trustworthiness is our business commitment.
              • Guanlong Marine Valve, Hefei, is committed to building a leading position in the marine valve industry.

              Dragon valve

              The company's leading products include: control valves and accessories, pneumatic valves, electric valves, vacuum valves, universal valves, American standard valves, German standard valves, daily standard valves and imported valves. For example: pneumatic regulating valve, pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, electric regulating valve, electric butterfly valve, pressure reducing valve,...

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              Selection Basis and Principle of Marine Electromagnetic Valve 2017-12-27

              The selection of marine solenoid valves should first follow the four principles of safety, reliability, suitability for use and economy. Secondly, the selection should be based on six aspects of on-si......

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              Installation of Mari...
              Marine safety valves should be installed steeply and close to facilities or pipes that are cared for as much as possible. If the installation is not accessible,......
              Bright Spots of Mari...
              Marine Y-type globe valve belongs to the forced closed marine valve, so when the marine valve closes, it is necessary to increase the pressure on the disc to fo......
              Technical Reform Sch...
              Each passing unit is mainly equipped with six marine valves, such as intake valves, drainage valves, marine regulating valves, backwash intake valves, backwash ......
              Contact:Miss Cheng
              Address:No. 6, No. 18 Zhongtai science and Technology Park, No. A02, Huayuan Road, Garden Road, Baohe Economic Development Zone, Hefei
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